Juno Reactor – God Is God – Parajanov – Sayat Nova – HD


This video was re-created using as a template the very low-resolution and low bitrate version available on the internet at the time (July 2010). The original video was believed to have been an official video created to accompany the song’s release in 1997. It was fantastic, and a version with decent resolution and bitrate really should exist. After an exhaustive and unsuccessful search for a good version, it was decided to simply make one from scratch.

The video track in this version was completely compiled and edited anew from the best resolution version of the film imagery that could be located (a transfer from a relatively good 35mm print, digitized at 752×576; it is believed that the original video footage was taken from a 16mm print in not-so-great condition judging from the dust and scratch marks evident). In all cases, it was attempted to use exactly the same footage, speed, direction, and video transitions as the original music video. For the most part, the result is very close to a frame-by-frame recreation. One difference is that the transfer from 35mm print used in this version was cropped more tightly than the transfer/print used for the original. Luckily, there were no places where important visual activity had been cropped out.

The audio track for the original music video appears to be a unique mix of the song generated specifically for the music video (or at least does not appear to have been part of a CD or LP release that could be identified). It is very similar to the album mix, but is not as long and is sequenced a bit differently. Not finding a better source for the audio, it was simply copied as-is from the template video and reproduced in this video with only minimal audio processing. BTW, Natacha Atlas is the female voice heard in the song.

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Juno Reactor – The song “God Is God” is by Juno Reactor and appeared on the album/CD “Bible of Dreams” (1997) as well as on two CD Maxi-Singles, a 12″ single, and a 12″ single with two remixes by Front 242.
The artist website currently is:
* www.reactorleak.com *
The site has a download store with backcatalog and current songs. Also: Amazon, iTunes, and other legitimate online music services offering licensed tracks.

“Sayat Nova” aka “The Color of Pomegranates” – An indescribable and meticulously crafted film filled with Armenian iconic imagery. Created/Directed by Sergei Parajanov in 1968, he subsequently was sentenced to five years hard labor in a Soviet gulag in Siberia (some say for making this film, although the official reasons were different), and he served four years of his sentence. The film is available on DVD and streaming video rental from the usual places for such things.

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