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Manuk Harutyunyan performs (on the Manjut) Armenian folk melody Horovel by Komitas (Ploughman’s Song), performed by

Manuk Harutyunyan is a professional cellist and he plays different classical and Armenian national string instruments and has also created a three string instruments.

The Manjut – ‘Manuk’s jut’ (Manuk’s fiddle) – is similar in size to the piccolo cello, which was created by J. S. Bach, but it is unique by shape and is one of a kind in the world. It has five strings and embraces in itself the golden timbres of different classical and Armenian national string instruments.

For the creation of the Jut the ancient jut (predecessor of the different types of the renaissance viola and the violin), which was used in pre-Christian times in the Armenian highlands, served as a basis, but it is larger, the size of a violin. It has four strings and is unique in appearance.

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