Armenak Shahmuradyan performing the songs of Komitas (Paris, 1912)

Armenak Shahmuradyan (Chah-Mouradian, April 7, 1878, Muş, Ottoman Empire – September 14, 1939, Paris), also known as the bard of Daron, was an Armenian opera singer (tenor). He is one of the outstanding representatives of Komitas’s school. Shahmuradyan is well known for the performance of “Krunk”, “Antuni”, “Garun a”, “Hayastan”, “Kilikia” and other Armenian songs.
He studied at Gevorkian seminary of Echmiadzin where he met Komitas. In 1910 he finished the Paris Conservatory of Music, the classes of Pauline Viardot. He debuted at Grand Opera with Faust in 1910. He gave concerts in many countries including USA, Britain, Belgium, Iran, India, etc. Since 1930 Shahmuradyan lived in Paris and died in a psychiatric clinic in 1939. William Saroyan dedicated a poem to him. In his “Obituaries” Saroyan wrote: “Shah-Mouradian was “one of the truly great tenorbaritones of all time, somewhat like John McCormack, a star in Paris and New York, and around the world in opera”.


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