Haberband. Djivan Gasparyan.

Duduk. Armenian folk songs (Мелодия / Melody, 1983)
I Will Not Be Sad in This World (All Saints Records, 1989)
Moon Shines at Night (All Saints Records, 1993)
Ask Me No Questions (Traditional Crossroads 4268, 1994)
Apricots From Eden (Traditional Crossroads 4276, 1996)
Salute (1998)
Black Rock, with Michael Brook (Realworld 46230, 1998)
Djivan Gasparyan Quartet – Nazeli (Libra Music 1998)
Heavenly Duduk (Network 1999)
Armenian Fantasies (Network 34801, 2000)
Nazani (2001)
Fuad, with Erkan Ogur (Traditional Turkish & Armenian songs) (2001)
In My World, I Have No Pain (World Records – Parseghian Records, 2002)
Endless Vision: Persian And Armenian Songs, with Hossein Alizadeh (World Village, Harmonia Mundi, 2005)
Nectar for the Bitter World (2007)
The Soul of Armenia (Network Medien’s double-CD package 2008)
Penumbra, with Michael Brook (Canadian Rational/bigHelium, 2008)
Collaborations as guest artist
Dead Bees On A Cake, David Sylvian; (Gasparyan appears on the track ‘Darkest Dreaming’)
Cosmopoly, as guest of Andreas Vollenweider (EDEL Records, SLG Records (USA/Canada)
Naked Spirit, special guest of Sainkho, 1998
Eden Roc, Ludovico Einaudi, (1999) (Gasparyan appears on 3 tracks)
Free Fall, Jesse Cook (Narada, 2000) (Gasparyan appears on the track “Incantation”)
Blood of the Snake, Derek Sherinian (2006) (Gaspayran appears on the track “Prelude To Battle”)
RockPaperScissors, Michael Brook (EQR 0006, 2006) (Gasparyan appears on track “Pasadena part two”)
Pangea with Lian Ensemble (Houman Pourmehdi & Piraye Pourafar), Swapan Chaudhuri and Miroslav Tadić (Lian Records 118, 2006)
Selection of film soundtrack contributions
The Crow, soundtrack (1994)
The Siege, soundtrack (1998)
Ronin, soundtrack (1998)
Gladiator : More Music From the Motion Picture, soundtrack 2000
Syriana, soundtrack (2005)
Blood Diamond, soundtrack (2006)
Samsara, soundtrack (2011) (as Dijan Gasparyan)


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