Aram Khachaturian Dance Suite For Orchestra

Aram Khachaturian
Dance Suite for orchestra (1933)
Trans-Caucasian Dance 00:00
Armenian Dance 02:53
Uzbek Dance Tune 08:00
Uzbek March 18:16
Lezghinka 21:46

St Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra
André Anichanov, conductor

Picture: Armenian Dance

Dance Suite was the Khachaturian’s first major work for full orchestra, written in 1933, while he was a student at Moscow Conservatory in the composition class of Nivaskovsky. He later explained how he had made use of Uzbek and Armenian melodic material, treating these melodies with some rhythmic freedom and adding motifs of his own. The first movement, Trans-Caucasian Dance makes use of folk-songs popular in Armenia and in Azerbaijan, ‘Chem-Chem’ and ‘Shalakho’, while the second, the Armenian Dance, uses a well known Armenian dance-tune. The Uzbek Dance Tune has, as its second theme, the melody ‘Kora soch’, while the fourth movement, Uzbek March, proclaims its source in its title. Khachaturian took particular pleasure in the final Ukrainian Lezghinka, which he preferred to his later version of the dance in the ballet Gayane.
From Music Notes by Keith Anderson


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