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I Love Techno Weblog: Vibelung

Press Release:

The original mix is a mutant hybrid of minimal techno fused with hints of clever IDM, courtesy of Dallas-based electro/techno DJ, Vibelung (aka Jimmy Freer). With Circuitflu, Freer’s approach to minimal blends clever robot voices with pounding 808-style kicks and a synth riff that evokes the Knight Rider theme without reeking of irony or litigation.

Francis Prève’s reinterpretation of Circuitflu turns up the boom with his infectious blend of techno, gene-spliced with a bit DNA from the better strains of electro. Starting with a handclap-heavy dark groove reminiscent of classic Peace Division, Prève’s remix builds to a massive peak that bounces and throbs its way into one of Preve’s trademark rising leads. The result is a big room monster that’s guaranteed to pack summer floors both at peak-time and after-hours.

As Academik’s latest release, “Circuitflu” is a double dose of virulent techno.

Here’s what some of the world’s top DJs are saying about the Circuitflu EP:

“Simple and quirky.. Francis Prève remix for me.” – Blake Jarrell

“Francis’ remix does it for me.” – MC Flipside

“Both tracks are great!! Will play both at different times. THANKS!” – Jan van Lier

“I love this release! Will definitely be supporting both mixes.” – William A

“Cool Francis Mix!” – Sean Tyas

“Like the energetic Francis Prève mix.” – DJ Ron

PREVIEW Circuitflu – Original Mix – Vibelung by academikrecords

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